Accessible Yoga Conference Brings Message of Inclusivity to New York City

Christine Malossi, RYT 200
woman practicing accessible yoga with prop modifications

The mission statement of Accessible Yoga (AY) asserts that the non-profit organization is “advocating for a diverse yoga culture that is inclusive and welcoming.” What better place to nurture inclusivity than Accessible Yoga, Jivana Heyman, Yoga for Every Body, Yoga pose variations, yoga for diversity, Accessible Yoga Presenters

The Accessible Yoga Revolution: Yoga for Everybody

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New Conference on Yoga as Lifestyle Medicine to Be Featured at the Smithsonian

In 2014, a large symposium on Medical Yoga was hosted at the Smithsonian in conjunction with the large Smithsonian exhibit on Yoga: The Art and Science of Transformation. The symposium featured speeches and... Read more

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