5 Types of Rest That Can Renew Your Energies

Olga Kabel C-IAYT
Happy young woman sitting outdoors in yoga's Easy Pose resting and enjoying nature.

In Viniyoga, we often say that the remedy we choose should match the type of problem the student experiences. When someone is dealing with a structural issue, yoga asana would be the obvious place to begin our work. When the issue is physiological, breath and energy work are particularly important. And when we are dealing with a mental challenge, meditation and self-study would be most useful, and so on.

Smiling friends walking in the meadows with yoga mats. Concept of being in nature.

The Nature Cure for Stress Relief

Some days, it seems as if nothing is going right. A lot of little things may add up or one major thing bothering you, like paying bills, an argument with your significant other, or worries about a health issue... Read more
Man Practicing Yoga on a Rooftop with the world behind him.

Collective Trauma, Embodiment, and Community: Our Shared Hero's Journey

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Young yoga students relaxing and talking after yoga class.

The Yoga of Co-Regulation: Group Yoga Class Benefits

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Group of young people practicing yoga's Savasana Pose or Corpse pose.

How to Allow Change in Your Life

Have you had the experience of trying really hard to make something happen, over and over, and it just won’t happen? Then you finally stop trying to force it, and that’s when it happens. People often use the... Read more
Photo of emotional female touching her heart with both palms, demonstrates thankful gesture.

5 Practices to Build Your Resilience

Resilience is the ability to rebound from a crisis, tragedy, trauma, or serious case of “stress mess.” Research says resiliency varies from person to person due to a variety of factors, but like any skill,... Read more
How to practice Supported Savasana or Relaxation Pose also known as Salamba Savasana

Yoga Pose Primer: Supported Relaxation Pose (Salamba Savasana)

Sometimes—almost always, really—less is more. The Basic Supported Relaxation Pose (Salamba Savasana) is so simple to do and so effective, that there is simply no excuse not to give yourself (or your students)... Read more
Nepali traditional Bells over the sun at sunset

Yoga’s Yamas: Relief from Stress and Anxiety

“Yamas contain essential advice for daily/good living. As they offer a map or guidance that allows us to have enhanced emotional and mental well-being and a more fulfilling and meaningful life, Yamas serve as... Read more
Restorative Child's Pose or Restorative Balasana Pose.

Yoga for Times of Change: Nina Zolotow Shares Wisdom

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image depicts yoga, calming the mind and self-inquiry.

4 Ways to Prevent Anxiety with Yoga

Yoga practice offers plenty of ways to reduce anxiety—restorative, meditation, certain breathing practices—and there’s lots of information available. I realized lately that for people who tend to have anxiety... Read more
Restorative Shoulder Release prop set up.

Restorative Shoulder Release Pose: All-Over Ease

Restorative Shoulder Release Pose uses gravity to help relieve upper back, neck, and shoulder tension. Lying on the belly, you cross your arms and use the weight of your chin on your arms to release shoulder... Read more