The Yoga of Co-Regulation: Group Yoga Class Benefits

Kathryn Boland, R-CYT, R-DMT
Young yoga students relaxing and talking after yoga class.

Do you enjoy socializing with yoga? Could group yoga class benefits include feeling better simply through social connection? Picture the following situation. You enter your favorite yoga studio. It’s serene, familiar, and comforting. You share pleasantries with the front desk attendant as you check in and with fellow yogis as you settle into class while you roll out your mat and set up your props. 

Restorative Child's Pose or Restorative Balasana Pose.

Yoga for Times of Change: Nina Zolotow Shares Wisdom

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image depicts yoga, calming the mind and self-inquiry.

4 Ways to Prevent Anxiety with Yoga

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Restorative Shoulder Release prop set up.

Restorative Shoulder Release Pose: All-Over Ease

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senior woman in lotus position meditating with closed eyes at home while sitting on yoga mat

Exhale: Breathing for Vagal Tone

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Legs Up the Wall Pose in yoga practice

Mindfulness and Yoga in Stressful Times

What a time to be alive. In addition to personal and family issues needing attention, there’s the war, school shootings, inflation, climate change, and a will-it-never-end pandemic to contend with. This is why... Read more
Rear view of young woman practicing yoga's Lotus Pose with namaste hands in dark room

Practice Embodiment for Trauma Recovery

Embodiment is an active process of self-discovery that you renew and strengthen by repeatedly attending to your sensations, emotions, and instinctual movement impulses. Mindful body-awareness practices help... Read more
woman in orange clothes meditates indoor, holds hands in mudra gesture

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Instant Maui is a comfortable supported restorative pose.

Take a Mini-Vacation in Instant Maui Pose

Instant Maui is just what the name implies—a little slice of paradise. It’s the perfect pose to practice when you need a little break from life. It’s a great way to stop time, recharge your batteries, and... Read more
Young African American doctor woman relaxing and smiling with eyes closed doing meditation and mudra

The Chronic Pain of Our Healthcare System

Pretty much everywhere in the world, we’ve watched our healthcare systems struggle under the crushing weight of the pandemic. Sure, it’s important to applaud the heroic efforts of healthcare workers and cheer... Read more
Image depicts eye movements and the calming affect they can have on the vagus nerve

The Vagus Nerve and Eye Movements: Tools for Trauma Recovery

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