Age Without Limits: A Book Review

Jennifer Williams-Fields, E-RYT 200

I have been teaching yoga to senior citizens for more than ten years now, and I’ve often said it is one of my favorite classes to teach. Age Without Limits, by Janet Rae Humphrey, E-RYT, is my latest guide to teaching chair-based yoga.

Osteoporosis, Vertebral Fractures and Dowager’s Hump—The Role of Hyperkyphosis

For anyone diagnosed with osteoporosis, there are two main concerns—increased risk of hip fractures and vertebral fractures. Vertebral compression fractures caused by the thin bone mass of osteoporosis have long been taught to cause hyperkyphosis, or the dowager’s hump that inflict many elderly. Read more
yoga for posture improvement

Yoga for Posture Improvement - Easy Iyengar Yoga Tip with Julie Gudmestad

In today's computer driven culture, more and more people struggle with forward head posture, or text neck as it is also called. Poor posture often leads to neck and shoulder tension, even headaches or migraine... Read more

Yoga for Healthy Aging with Dr. Baxter Bell – New Online Yoga Practice Series

YogaU is excited to offer a special Practice Series on Yoga for Healthy Aging with Dr. Baxter Bell as part of our new online Yoga Practice Channel. (And psst - if you sign up for a one month trial you can... Read more

Dowager’s Hump: Are You at Risk?

Dowager’s hump—or hyperkyphosis—should be considered an independent geriatric syndrome rather than a result of osteoporosis, according to a recent study. Read more
bad health effects of sitting

How Sitting For Long Hours Affects Your Health

Just how bad is sitting in front of the screen all day for your health? For a great summary of studies, take a look at this infographic from CBC. Read more

Why Do We Lose Height As We Get Older?

By the time most people reach middle age, they will have lost about .5 to 1 inch in of height, in some cases, even more. By the time a person reaches their 70’s, they may lose as much as 2 to 3 inches of height. Read more
yoga for bone loss and hyperkyphosis

Losing Height Could Put You at Higher Risk for Fractures

By the time most people reach middle age, a curious phenomenon will happen: They start growing down! Yes, most people slowly lose height as they get older. For many, by the time . they reach their mid-50’s, they might have lost about .5 to 1 inch in of height, in some cases, even more. Read more

Yoga for the Back: Improving Posture Can Improve Your Long-term Health

Your posture influences the alignment of the spine and thereby the overall health of your body. Read more
yoga for back pain with Robin Rothenberg

How Does Yoga Help Reverse Hyperkyphosis?

Yoga therapy helps improve posture, reverse hyperkyphosis Read more