Cancer and Insomnia: A Short, Relaxing Sequence to Put You on the Path to Sleep

Cheryl Fenner Brown, C-IAYT, E-RYT 500
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You probably know the feeling - lying in bed for hours on end looking at the clock with the mind swirling, chattering and generally keeping you from falling asleep. You re-play the events of the day getting caught in circular thoughts like “Why did I say that?”, “Why didn’t I stand up for myself at work?”, or “How am I going to pay my bills?”. The frustration of insomnia spills over into the next day and you find yourself reaching for another cup of coffee to make it through the day.

Prostate Cancer: Light Therapy Offers Effective Treatment for Early Stages, New Study Shows

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Cancer and Aging: The Role of Yoga and Healthy LIfestyle in Cancer Prevention

Is there a link between cancer and aging? If so, what role can yoga play? Well, there is now irrefutable evidence that age is the single greatest risk factor for cancer. Nearly 70% of people who have cancer... Read more

New Light on Cancer: Do Changes in the Fascia Play a Role?

There are an estimated 14.5 million people living with cancer in the U.S. with 40% using some form of complementary approach to manage symptoms or improve their quality of life during and after cancer... Read more

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Yoga for cancer

How Yoga Helps Cancer Patients and Cancer Survivors

Cancer patients who practice yoga as therapy during their treatment often refer to their yoga practice as a life-saver, the one thing that would bring relief from the often debilitating discomfort and fatigue. Read more
yoga therapy for cancer

Why Yoga Therapy and Exercise Help in the Battle Against Cancer

Battling cancer is an enormous drain on all your resources—physically, emotionally, and mentally. All energy pours into enduring the discomfort of both the disease and the treatment process, and into coping with fears of the future. Can yoga make a difference in enhancing healing for cancer patients and cancer survivors? Read more

Designer Donates Close to a Million to Yoga for Cancer Patients

Imagine a cancer treatment program that focuses as much on restoring the individual as it does on destroying the disease, a program that brings together the most effective treatments from both modern and ancient medicine. Imagine, if you can, a cancer treatment program, which includes a rejuvenating routine of yoga for cancer patients, helping cancer sufferers—exhausted from radiation treatments—to sink into a deep, meditative peace. Imagine a healing environment with the soft ambiance of aromatherapy and Feng Shui, a stark contrast to the ordinarily frosty hospital environment. Read more

Yoga for Cancer Patients

“Cancer.” The little, two-syllable word carries worlds of weight. The initial diagnosis piles the first two-ton brick onto the patient’s emotional load, and the subsequent barrage of painful tests, grim treatment options, unreassuring and sometimes conflicting information only adds to the distress. Under this duress, it’s no wonder that so many cancer patients suffer from depression, anxiety, and tension-related issues. Those fighting the battle are looking for ways not only to improve their physical well-being, but to help deal with the mental and emotional stress of the ordeal as well. Read more

"Yoga of Awareness" for Metastatic Breast Cancer Patients

A study from the Journal of Pain & Symptom Management found that Jim and Kimberly Carson’s Yoga of Awareness program helped women with metastatic breast cancer manage pain and other symptoms. Read more