3 Steps to Contentment

Leo Babauta
Beautiful young woman practicing yoga at home. Concept of finding contentment in the simple things i

There is no greater sin than desire, no greater curse than discontent, no greater misfortune than wanting something for oneself. Therefore he who knows that enough is enough will always have enough.” – Lao Tzu

Portrait of stylish short haired middle age female exercising at home practicing yoga.

Yoga Breath Work: 4 Practices to Strengthen and Balance Your Respiratory System

Because respiratory problems are so prevalent lately, I thought I’d revisit a topic that I wrote about six years ago about how you can use yoga to foster respiratory system health. Yoga practices for... Read more
Nutrient rich food for all can help reduce violence in our society studies show

Can a Nutrient-Poor Diet Lead to Violence?

Food has been linked to a host of mood disorders. But did you know an ultra-processed, nutrient-poor diet is also linked to changes in behavior and even acts of violence? In fact, it might be partly... Read more
Teaching inclusive yoga classes

Disability Justice in Yoga: How Ady Barkan Embodies Seva

Seva , or selfless service, is a yogic concept that is often associated with volunteer or humanitarian work. There are countless yoga organizations today that advertise themselves as being a path to Seva, but... Read more
Side view offemale yoga student with closed eyes breathing while doing a breath practice during yoga

Nose Breathing: A Key to Better Health

Breathing is our most important biological function. Doing so properly is essential to healing and long-term health. Most people breathe an average of 25,000 times per day, so it’s safe to say that we inhale... Read more
Woman with bad posture using smartphone while sitting on stool near light grey wall.

Smartphone Horns: Are They a Thing?

There is no doubt that technology has made a huge impact on our lives over the past two or three decades. Young adults in their late teens and 20s might have difficulty imagining a world without social media... Read more
Image depicts staying active and having fun is important to health aging

7 Keys to Help You Age Gracefully

With age comes wisdom and grace. As a yoga therapist, I’ve worked with many people in their 60s, 70s, 80s and even 90s. Most come with health concerns. But overwhelmingly, they come with a desire to age... Read more
Group of active senior people doing yoga exercise in community center club.

How to Keep Commitments to Ourselves

It is easy to show up to appointments we make with other people. But I’ve noticed that most of us struggle with commitments to ourselves. If we say we’re going to exercise, meditate, write, journal, and work... Read more
Mature woman practicing a Warrior 1 variation.

Fight Alzheimer's: Physical Exercise and Brain Health

It’s a very common myth these days that the best way to keep your brain healthy is to exercise it with mental exercises, you know, by learning a new language, doing crossword puzzles, and so on. But there is... Read more
woman raising her arms in joy walking on road towards a sunset, depicting feeling of self-healing

5 Inspiring Stories of Self-Healing

We have an incredible ability to heal ourselves, beyond what science can currently explain. I am fascinated by stories of people who have found ways to cure themselves of incurable conditions. In this post I’... Read more
Senior couple relaxing by the sea on sunny day.

Reduce NSAIDs: Strategies for Osteoarthritis

Research Suggests NSAIDs Linked to Cardiovascular Disease If you suffer from osteoarthritis, some days may require a little extra pain relief just to get through your usual tasks. But there are certain... Read more