Yoga Tools for Structural Balance: Overcoming Chronic Tension Patterns in The Body

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Chrys Kub

Chrys Kub Chrys Kub, PT, E-RYT 500 received her Masters in Physical Therapy and Biokinesiology from the University of Southern California. She is an integrative physical therapist with over 25 years of clinical experience. She has developed and taught courses in therapeutic yoga throughout the US and is a...

As yoga teachers, we are well aware of the mind-body aspects that set yoga apart from other purely physical practices. At the same time, yoga teachers who understand how structural issues play into the bigger wellness picture are far better prepared to create safe, satisfying practices for their students.

In this free download, long-time PT and yoga therapist Chrys Kub explains how inefficient movement patterns can develop over time into chronic misuse syndromes, habitual compensatory patterns, and dysfunctional movements, all of which can eventually lead to both short-term and long-term pain. “Structure is the foundation for efficiency in the human body,” Chrys explains.

Yoga teachers who possess an understanding of common structural issues and how they are interconnected to other aspects of health can help their students improve awareness and help students increase the ability of their bodies to be more efficient at movement and breath.

While yoga teachers are not expected to be physical therapists. Chrys suggests that there are simple assessments they can do for some of the most typical dysfunctional movement patterns that can then be addressed through yoga practice.

One very typical overuse pattern, for example, is in the hip flexor chain called the iliopsoas, Chrys shares a simple method yoga teachers can use to assess imbalance that can also be performed as a practice to address the imbalance.

Combining basic structural awareness with the yogic tools of breath, awareness and mindful movement can be a powerful tool in preventing, reducing, maybe even eliminating chronic pain.

Click Enroll link to download this free talk. Also, to learn more about Chrys’s approach to rehabilitating inefficient movement patterns, chronic misuse, and movement dysfunction, be sure to check out her online course: Foundations of Structural Health: Body Reading, Postural Assessment and Asana Prescription.

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