Freeing the Breath with Gabriel Halpern

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Gabriel Halpern

Gabriel Halpern Gabriel Halpern holds degrees in philosophy and health psychology and is a long time member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists. In 1985 he founded the Yoga Circle in Chicago which he still directs. Gabriel knows first hand what it is to live with pain and bounce back with zest for...

Freeing the Breath 1 - Restorative Yoga to Calm Body and Mind

Hatha yoga speaks to the solar and lunar currents that course through our body, which are nothing but the two channels of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. In this series of restorative postures, join Gabriel Halpern and learn to prepare body and mind for in-depth and subtle work ahead. 


Freeing the Breath 2 - Restorative Yoga to Calm Body and Min

In this second breathing practice with Gabriel Halpern, explore breathing basics in both supine and seated positions, as well as digitally controlled exercises for the more experienced student. Have a direct experience of how to increase both energy and tranquility with these techniques.


Extended Breathing Practice for Calm and Restoration 

Enjoy this full, extended breathing practice with Gabriel Halpern that explores restorative postures and breathing exercises for beginning to advanced students. 


Nourish Your Spirit - Restorative Yoga Practice to Lift Your Mood I 

This practice is perfect for anyone seeking relief from fatigue, apathy, and low motivation. We have a whole pharmacopeia of feel-good chemicals in our brain waiting to be released. Yoga poses can elicit these wonderful feelings to bring back the clarity and joy of being in a relaxed body with a mind in harmony with itself.


Nourish Your Spirit - Restorative Yoga Practice to Lift Your Mood II  

Gabriel has created this yoga practice to ground you in the here-and-now. Because of its creative nature, yoga helps a person express themselves in a way that bespeaks freedom and releases tension. This practice is designed to enhance the focus needed for self-awareness, relaxation and discernment in choosing which thoughts to give attention to.