Free Download with Donna Farhi! Keys to Balancing the Spine: The Role of the Psoas Muscle

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Donna Farhi

Donna Farhi is a yoga teacher who has been practicing for 39 years and teaching since 1982. She is one of the most sought after guest teachers in the world, leading intensives and teacher training programs internationally. Her approach to yoga is informed by the refinement of natural and universal...

The psoas muscle is one of the most important muscles in the body, with numerous functions. In this free download, renowned yoga teacher Donna Farhi discusses the many different roles the psoas plays for musculoskeletal health, and what happens when it goes out of balance and becomes more tight on one side.

We mostly think of the psoas as a hip flexor, but it is essential to central body support and lumbar stabilization, says Donna.

The psoas is also a core initiator of movement, and it contributes to force closure of the sacroiliac joint.

It also influences several other functions in the body, Donna notes, including breathing, healthy organ function, and, because of the neurological connections that go through the psoas, it can have a balancing effect on the nervous system.

Donna further highlights common structural issues linked to an imbalanced psoas, including SI joint issues, scoliosis, and low back issues. She points to common factors that cause psoas imbalance and how to avoid these.

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