Free Download! Yoga, Body Sensing and Interoception: Keys to a Somatic Practice

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Yasmin Lambat

Yasmin Lambat is a fascia-informed somatic movement therapist and educator, registered with ISMETA  She is the founder of SomaSensing a fascia tuning therapy that taps into fascia as a sixth sense and its intuitive ability to heal through movement, in nature, and from moment to...

Most commonly, when we teach yoga, we teach in an instructive type of learning. However, there is a different way of teaching and learning, says yoga therapist Yasmin Lambat in this free talk.

In this talk, Yasmin discusses the Body Sensing method she has developed, which is a body-centered approach to improve body awareness and mindfulness.

When we teach yoga by instructing students, Yasmin notes, we engage them in a cognitive learning process. In contrast, if we teach from a somatic perspective (in an embodied learning process), it encourages a more interoceptive, sensory learning process. Interoception involves the ability to sense subtle shifts in body sensation, and it is a faculty linked to enhanced intuition and a greater sense of embodiment.

Follow Yasmin through an example of embodied learning sensation. Explore how it can develop greater body awareness and interoception and learn language to guide your body and your students in somatic practice.

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