Mechanics of Healthy Movement: Anatomy and Kinesiology of Human Posture

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Gill Solberg

Gill Solberg A teacher of movement and of yoga, Dr. Gill Solberg graduated from the Zinman College at the Wingate Institute with a specialization in posture disorders. During his advanced studies he specialized in clinical kinesiology and in adapted physical activity for populations with special needs, which...

This comprehensive professional software uses state-of-the-art 3D animation to give you an easy to understand, visual representation of the anatomy and kinesiology of human posture and common posture disorders.

It is built especially for teachers, therapists, and instructors of all movement methods seeking to integrate the treatment of posture problems such as lordosis, kyphosis, flat back and scoliosis in your work, and add a new dimension to your training.

Learn to identify and diagnose postural problems, and gain the ability to identify typical postural tendencies and how to respond to individual student’s needs. The course will cover the principles of therapeutic applications for people with postural problems and musculoskeletal dysfunction, as well as techniques for comprehensive postural diagnosis and building adapted therapeutic effective exercises. Watch in accurate and spectacular 3D as you reveal postural problems that can be corrected through proper therapeutic technique. You will understand how making a small change in range of motion in one joint can solve a problem in another joint.

Learn how to instruct students with kyphosis, lordosis, flat back and scoliosis in their practice by modifying poses and offering individual guidance. You will be able to adapt any exercise to any kind of problem. Learn all about core strengthening, posture disorders and the kinesiology of healthy movement in this exciting new course!

This Course Includes:

  • eBook: Postural Disorders and Musculoskeletal Dysfunction: Diagnosis, Prevention & Treatment

  • 3D Stretching Anatomy 

  • Therapeutic Exercises 

  • Postural Tests/ Assessments

  • 3D Anatomy of the Muscular System

  • 3D Anatomy of the Skeletal System

  • 3D Kinesiology in Motion

  • 3D Core Training Anatomy

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