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Kristine Kaoverii Weber

Kristine Kaoverii Weber, MA, C-IAYT, eRYT500 has been studying yoga and holistic healing for nearly 30 years, teaching yoga since 1995, and training teachers since 2003. Her organization, Subtle®Health, LLC, provides holistic mind-body trainings, education, and clinical services with the mission of...

Yoga may be several thousand years old, but the ancient teachings of yoga contain timeless wisdom of great relevance to us today: How to improve health and well-being and live a happy life.

Today, when we talk about health, we predominantly think in terms of our body and mind. But according to yoga philosophy, there are many more levels to our being. To be fully healthy, it’s important to understand these, because they all impact our ability to stay healthy and be happy.

In this interview, Kristine Kaoverii Weber, founder of Subtle Yoga, talks about the implications of the ancient yogic Panchamaya Kosha model for our approach to improving health and well-being. According to this model, there are five layers to our being, ranging from the gross physical aspects to the most subtle, ethereal aspect of our being. 

True health and well-being can only exist when we are nourished and healthy on all levels, Kaoverii explains. What is more, creating change on the more subtle aspects of our being can often have an important impact on the health of our more expressed, physical levels of our being.

In the West, when we think about health, it’s usually actually framed in terms of disease. Kaoverii also discusses the concept of true health and well-being from the yogic perspective and how certain yogic practices and techniques enable us to address health at all the five levels of the koshas, not “just” the physical body.

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