Yoga for Scoliosis: 5-Part Course with Elise Miller

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Whether we have muscle imbalances or a major scoliosis (lateral curvature of the spine), yoga therapy can bring awareness to such imbalances to facilitate transformation to a more balanced state both physically and mentally.

Such muscle imbalances may not only lead to bad posture but may also contribute to a lateral curve of the spine, or scoliosis, if not attended to in the early stages. This 5-part audio online yoga training series includes information on scoliosis, the approach of yoga for scoliosis, and information on how to adapt yoga asanas to counteract any asymmetry in the back and spine, whether it be a major structural scoliosis or minor imbalance.

Lecture One:
The first lecture focuses on understanding more about scoliosis, what it is, and what causes it:

• the anatomy and physiology of scoliosis
• how scoliosis is measured
• traditional medical treatments for scoliosis
• the physical causes and effects of scoliosis
• the types and patterns of scoliosis.

It is very important to understand what pattern of scoliosis one has before one can apply yoga as therapy to an individual’s scoliosis.

Lecture Two:
The second lecture explores the following:

• how each of the 4 major patterns of scoliosis affect posture and create imbalance in the body
• how to identify a curve
• how to determine appropriate action
• how and why yoga is effective as a treatment for scoliosis.

Elise also discusses the psychological impact of scoliosis.

Lecture Three:
The third lecture discusses the approach to yoga for scoliosis, and how the alignment principles of Iyengar yoga can be applied to meet the challenges of scoliosis. A series of beginning yoga poses are presented with an explanation of how each of these poses can bring more alignment and alleviate pain.

Lecture Four:
This lecture is a continuation into the exploration of how to use yoga as therapy for scoliosis. Emphasis is on more advanced yoga poses, such as standing poses, inversions, backbends and twists. Also the effects of pranayama and meditation are discussed.

Lecture Five:
This lecture gives a short lecture and review on scoliosis, patterns of scoliosis, and approach of yoga for scoliosis. The prerequisite for this talk is either the four previous classes or foundational knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of scoliosis. Emphasis is on how teachers approach students with scoliosis on a physical and psychological level, and methods of teaching students with scoliosis in yoga classes and on an individual basis. Elise Miller answers questions on individual cases and specific poses.