Sun Salutations: Budding Yogis Series for Beginners of all Ages

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Deborah Marcia Rubin

Deborah is a certified Wellness Educator, Buteyko Breathing Educator, Therapeutic Yoga Teacher, Meditation Instructor, Vitality & Health Tips, Content Creator, Workshop Leader, speaker, and designer of the Clarity Process. Deborah created, owned, and operated several successful businesses and...

Feeling youthful means ease and effortlessness in daily life: being able to bend to pick up a puppy or walk up the stairs without huffing. Having the energy for enjoyable walks, easily reaching for the olive oil on a top shelf, and comfortably turning to look behind as you back out of your driveway. When we have strength, flexibility and balance, everyday movements are easy and pleasurable.

Sun Salutations are a timeless whole-body workout that has been practiced for thousands of years. It is a breath-centred combination of movements and postures that flow from one to the other. A series of stretches, bends, reaches, and lunges are done in tune with the breath. These help to develop and maintain mobility and strength throughout your entire body.  Practicing the Sun Salutations also enhances balance, agility, focus, and a sense of being grounded.

This 6-part series gradually introduces the Sun Salutations movements with a variety of options - sitting at your computer, standing at your sink, or on a yoga mat.

Take your time with each segment and savour the experience. No matter what your level of fitness, it’s advisable to practice with a sense of ease, and move at your own pace without straining, pushing or rushing. The purpose of the Sun Salutations is to bring a sense of joy and aliveness to your body, mind, and being.

Great changes happen little by little. This way you will experience all the benefits which will continue to grow over time.

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