Yoga to relax upper back and neck standing pose

Relax Your Neck and Upper Back: A Standing Sequence for Upper-Body Ease

Olga Kabel
June 13, 2022

You can do your yoga practice anywhere, but not all floor surfaces are yoga-friendly. Sometimes it is neither possible, nor desirable to lie down on the ground to do your yoga poses, but it doesn’t mean that you should forgo the benefits that yoga has to offer.

I created this yoga practice when I was stuck in a tiny hotel room overstuffed with furniture. There was literally no space to roll out the yoga mat. But my neck was hurting and I was stiff all over from travel, so I had to be selective about the poses I chose. It worked out beautifully.

This yoga practice is done entirely in a standing position. You don’t even need a yoga mat. Just make sure that you are not slipping on the floor. This practice targets the neck and upper back and includes various movements that both stretch and increase circulation to those areas. It also includes a simple breathing practice that helps you relax your neck and lengthen your spine. If you find yourself traveling anytime in the future, this practice might be the perfect match for not-so-perfect practice spaces. 

A Travel-Friendly Standing Sequence for Upper Body Ease 


Standing yoga practice for neck and upper back tension

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