Original Body Wisdom


I have always loved movement. As a chíld, I twisted my body in all sorts of pretzel positions, only to later realize I was intuiting yoga poses. As a young woman I studied ballet, modern dance, and Hatha Yoga. One of only a handful of Yoga teachers in Washington D.C., I built a practice that included dancers, activists, and politicians. I also devoted myself to the study of Iyengar Yoga with John Schumacher and later with Karin Stephan in Boston.

Teaching Yoga sparked my passion to learn everything I could about the moving body. I went on to learn foundations of Feldenkrais work, had tutorials with Somatics pioneer Thomas Hanna, and studied with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen at the School for Body Mind Centering. I also have learned about the geometry and physics of movement and momentum with tennis pro Art Carrington and through Contact Improvisation. These approaches embody in me an effortless, fluid grace I endeavor to bring into my teaching. They allow me more plasticity, dimensionality, resiliency, and integration in everything I teach, from Yoga postures to walking, lifting, and athletics.

I moved to Western Massachusetts in 1986 and continued to teach. My teaching style became more flexible and creative because my student population grew to include high school athletes as well as people with MS, cancer survivors, and HIV/AIDS patients.

Theraputic Focus

Yoga Therapy, Yoga for Stroke recovery, Yoga for Parkinson's


I have the honor of being recognized by Yoga Teacher Alliance as an E-RYT; and expert teacher. I offer mentoring and continuing education credits for both 200 and 500 level Registered Yoga teachers.

Contact Person (if Yoga Studio):

Donna Brook