Classes with Mayouti are anatomy-informed and focus on the benefits of yoga while keeping in mind injury prevention.

Join us to a space where mindfulness is placed on safe alignment and movement and where you are reminded to use your steady breath as it focuses your mind and places the present moment at the heart of your practice. With a strong attention to our breath, we stay present in each posture as we move through the flow.

Regardless of your level, if you’re seeking a yummy whole-body stretch and toning, as well as an overall sense of balance in the body and mind, this hatha yoga practice is an excellent way to spend a moment simply taking care of you.

I delight in showing those who think they’re “not flexible enough to do yoga” that they can indeed do it. Together we focus on uniting breath, body and mind... and simply practice Yoga asana.

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Yoga Style

Hatha, Hot, Vinyasa Flow


 RYT 200

Address Bermuda