Kelly Scotti-Doylestown, Pa-Vinyasa Flow and Children's Yoga Teacher


Kelly's signature class is called Spirit Flow Yoga- its Vinyasa based, Spirit Soaring, Fun!

Kelly's teaching is in the Saraswati River Yoga style and features personalized assists that skillfully and gently guide a student deeper into their yoga practice. Classes focus primarily on asana (poses), but will give students a chance to experience the interweaving of physical movement with breath, awareness, concentration and meditation.   

 A Spirit Flow class starts with a little chanting, a little breathwork, then moves into a flowing asana (pose) practice, starting with Sun Salutations, moving into standing poses to build strength, balancing poses to build focus, then down onto the ground for any one of a number of seated postures, backbends, hip openers, inversions, or twists to increase strength, flexibility, and stamina.  We focus on alignment in the class, as well as moving with the breath.  At the end of our practice, we settle our bodies and our minds with a long juicy savasana.  

Spirit Flow is an all levels class, with clear instruction and cues, and the use of props such as blocks, straps and blankets to allow a more full and comfortable expression of poses; modifications are presented to accommodate injuries, level of flexibility, and experience.  It is a class that will challenge you to look at your practice in a new way, without judgment or comparison, and with joyful celebration of the place you are right now.

Spirit Flow is a great way to connect to your body, your inner spirit, your classmates, and to the divine all around us.  Its also a wonderful way to ease into the evening hours, relaxed and ready for deep, peaceful sleep.


YA-200hr Certified

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Kelly Scotti