Healing Therapies by Dove


Dove guides you through a deeply meditative experience as you mindfully connect your breath to your movement. This is an opportunity to heal, restore and deeply tune in to your true essence. 

  • Instruction available in Dove's LA studio or your home
  • Dove's emphasis is a gentle and therapeutic approach as she guides you through restorative poses and healing movement with asanas/poses, pranayama/breath work, Vipassana meditation and Yoga Nidra.
  • Dove personally customized the experience to fit your physical and energetic needs.
  • Wonderful to address injuries, chronic pain, stress, hormone imbalance and insomnia.
  • Create a space to allow for deeper healing to occur in the body, mind and spirit
  • A wonderful tool to bring you closer to your true essence and connect with your Self.
  • Aids with depression, anxiety, grief, mood imbalance, fatigue, and so much more.

"Dove's class left me feeling like I just had a massage. She guides you to be aware of your body and breath. Her hands-on corrections gently aligned me and made me aware of where I was holding tension. It was an AWESOME class! It was exactly what my body, mind, and soul needed. Thank you, Dove!"

"I have not taken a yoga class in years and I wanted to start out with something that would be an easier re-tuning for my body. Dove's class was simply wonderful. From the start I felt at ease and comfortable. I loved being in the flow of the movements and Dove's guidance was just lovely. Although this was a gentle class, I felt that I had gotten a full and complete stretch, that helped me to be more deeply rooted in my body. Dove's class re-kindled my interest in yoga, and I intend to take her class again for the harmony and balance that it brought me." 

"In 1968 I took yoga classes in New York. I loved them. In 1970 I stopped. For no reason and I never went back. In 1996 I found Dove and I was inspired like I had never been before. I have spent the last sixteen years following Dove along her path and I have embraced all her teaching styles. Now life has come full circle. Here I am in 2012 with advanced osteoporosis, bones that are fragile and painful, finding myself walking back into her Yoga class. Dove's gentle yoga classes allows me to enjoy the movement without experiencing any pain. They are effective while being gentle and soothing, which is my priority. Dove's meditations are more relaxing for me than an entire day at the spa. I always leave feeling great, empowered and inspired. Dove just does that for me. She is my perfect elixir for overall well-being."

"Dove's special brand of Yummy Yoga is like hitting the reset button on both your body and mind. Her style is gentle, her touch is loving and her guidance is soothing and confident. After Dove's class I feel not only cared-for, seen, and appreciated, but also wiser and more centered than when I arrived. More, please. :)"

"Dove's class is the perfect balance of relaxation and stretching to relieve the physical strains my body holds while letting go of the emotional strains of the day. Her voice is so soothing and the flow of her class and teaching is very helpful for my life. You are a gift Dove..Thank you."

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