Barn Yoga Cape Cod

Location: Falmouth, MA

I trained with Judith Lasater a decade ago, in Austin, TX and also one retreat at Featherpipe as well. I opened my seasonal studio...

Kartar Singh Khalsa - Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Kartar Singh has taught Kundalini Yoga and meditation since 1975, and has taken a special interest in yoga and mediation since the...

Desert Yoga Therapy

Location: Rancho Mirage, CA

Desert Yoga Therapy, is an extension of Fitness and Beyond Personalized Training which was created by Jayne Robertson in Australia in...


Location: Fairfield, CT...

Original Body Wisdom

Location: Northampton, MA

I have always loved movement. As a chíld, I twisted my body in all sorts of pretzel positions, only to later realize I was intuiting...

Jeannine Miller - TerZetto Yoga

Location: Rockwell, NC

I was introduced to yoga over 30 years ago, with a dedicated practice for the past 10 years, and earned my certification over three...

Ann Arbor Yoga and

Location: Ann Arbor, MI

We offer Quality Private Yoga Therapy and...

The Thinking Body - Feeling Mind

Location: Los Angeles, CA

New Spirit Yoga

Location: Columbia, MD

Yoga Therapy - Children, Adults & Seniors - Autism, Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Pain, High Stress, PTSD

Location: Agoura Hills, CA