Vitatherese LoFria

Location: Fort Oglethorpe, GA

My approach to teaching yoga is simple. Meet my students where they are. Give them the tools and guidance they need to develop their own...

Yoga Stone Town

Location: Stone Town Zanzibar,

Teachers with knowledge in physiology and anatomy. Yoga is for everybody but should be practiced safely, listening to the body's and...

Michele Schmidt


I began my yoga journey after the birth of my first child to relieve back and neck pain. Through the practice I became more aware...

Lee Callagher

Location: South Hadley, MA

Yoga therapy allows me to offer the tools that a client can use to regain balance at their physical, psychological and spiritual levels...

Christine Salah

Location: San Mateo, CA

I enjoy bringing the benefits of yoga to every type of person, whether a person is a triathlete or someone with a more sedentary...

Life Full Yoga

Location: Madison, CT

We focus on adaptable yoga — modifications and variations. Slow Flow and Restorative. Small group and private sessions.  ...


Location: Walton on Thames, Surrey

My style combines Yin/Yang (both static and flow postures) which I used in both the general classes as well as Yoga for Sport. Yoga for...

Heather Vaughan

Location: Eatonton, GA

Heather Vaughan offers yoga in the Lake Oconee area at a cost of $10/class or 11 classes for $100. Her goal is to make yoga accessible...

Wendy Woodall

Location: Stephenville, TX

I've discovered my purpose of bringing yoga to beings who believe they are "too" much or "not" enough something to "do" yoga.

Sonya Melescu

Location: Alexandria, VA

I love and teach Yin Yoga, Restorative, and Gentle Flow.  I love sharing what I have learned helping others have a ...