Julie Gudmestad, Eva Norlyk Smith and Lynn Crimando

Julie Gudmestad, PT, C-IAYT Julie Gudmestad has been active in Portland, Oregon, as a yoga teacher and licensed physical therapist for over 40 years. She has integrated her western medical knowledge with yoga training into a unique teaching style, and regularly teaches anatomy and asana workshops throughout the US, Canada and Europe.

Julie was a certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher for over 30 years, and now maintains Yoga Alliance certification at the ERYT-500 level. In addition to her PT license, she is also a certified Yoga Therapist through IAYT. For many years, she was the author of the Yoga Journal magazine’s “Anatomy of a Yogi” column. She continues to produce continuing education programs for yoga teachers and students, including webinars and videos through YogaUOnline, and online videos through her home studio, Paxson Yoga Center in Portland.

Eva Norlyk Smith, Ph.D., C-IAYT Eva Norlyk Smith is a co-founder of YogaUOnline and creator of the Healthy Back, Healthy Body program, a series of therapeutic yoga courses aimed at restoring posture, balance and core integrity and facilitating healthy aging. She has a background in health psychology and is trained as a yoga therapist in the Integrative Yoga Therapy program with Joseph La Page.

In her yoga teaching, Eva combines the principles of soft tissue release from the bodywork traditions with the soft tissue transformation fostered by yoga. She believes that we truly hold the power to reshape the soft tissues of the body at our well and that yoga offers a powerful approach to restore strength and balance to the body no matter what our age.

Lynn Crimando, MA, C-IAYT Lynn Crimando serves as the teaching mentor for YogaUOnline's Wellness Educator Program. She is a yoga teacher, C-IAYT Yoga Therapist, board-certified Health and Wellness Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, and Buteyko Practitioner. She has a private practice in New York City and teaches classes throughout the city on behalf of Health Advocates for Older People. In addition, Lynn is on the faculty of the IAYT-approved Yoga Therapist Training at YogaNanda in Garden City, New York. To learn more about Lynn, visit her website: yogalynn.com.

Julie Gudmestad, Eva Norlyk Smith and Lynn Crimando's Courses