Cynthia Price

PhD, MA LMT Somatic Therapist, Educator, Researcher

Cynthia Price has been working to enhance and facilitate client body/interoceptive awareness for 40 years – as a massage and somatic psychotherapist, and as a researcher and educator. She developed the evidenced-based mind body approach Mindful Awareness in Body-oriented Therapy (MABT), which is designed to teach interoceptive awareness and related skills to promote self-care and emotion regulation. She is particularly interested in the role of interoceptive awareness for improved wellbeing, particularly for clients who may be disconnected from their bodies due to stress, trauma or pain.  As a Research Professor at the University of Washington, Cynthia studies the benefits of MABT for people engaged in community-based care for mental and/or physical health conditions.  As the Director of the non-profit Center for Mindful Body Awareness, she works alongside her colleagues to teach MABT to interested practitioners and therapists.


Cynthia Price's Courses