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Practice Channel Rhoda Miriam

Slow Yoga: Supine Twistings Series for Deep Relaxation

A gentle practice designed to help you slow down, and to move mindfully through a series of... more

Practice Channel Cyndi Lee

Start with the Earth Part 1

Have just a little time for practice? This short and sweet 15 minute practice gives you a... more

Practice Channel Puy Navarro

Warrior of the Heart

To be a Warrior means to be authentic in everything we do in life. The Warrior of the Heart... more

Practice Channel Baxter Bell

Tutorial Utthita Trikonansana

Master the important nuances and subtleties of this pose with Dr. Baxter Bell. Triangle pose,... more

Practice Channel Rhoda Miriam

Flexible Spine, Strong Legs Class

This class introduces greater freedom of movement in the spine using Table pose (for... more

Practice Channel Baxter Bell

YFHA: Upper Body Strength Practice

Strength is necessary for both our health and our ability to do things we enjoy in our every... more

Practice Channel Kate Heffernan

Getting the Upper Hand on Downward Dog 2

Session 2: This session continues our exploration of downward dog, featuring poses to open the... more

Practice Channel Chrys Kub

Myofascial Release 1: Awakening Prana

This three-class series utilizes foam-rolling integrated into a yoga sequence to explore how... more

Practice Channel Puy Navarro

Breathe & Restore

This class begins with a few gentle asanas to relax neck and shoulders. It continues with... more

Practice Channel Cyndi Lee

Stretching & Restorative Yoga for Every Body

Relax and rejuvenate with this easy stretching and restorative video. Cyndi guides you through... more