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Practice Channel Cyndi Lee

Mindful Meditation pt 1

This practice includes instruction, posture and sitting for a couple of minutes.


Practice Channel Chrys Kub

Myofascial Release 1: Awakening Prana

This three-class series utilizes foam-rolling integrated into a yoga sequence to explore how... more

Practice Channel Cyndi Lee

My Favorite Practice with Cyndi Lee

Join Cyndi in this practice focused on cultivating Santosha—contentment. Santosha is one of... more

Practice Channel Julie Gudmestad

Beginner's Hamstring Stretch

Many people come to yoga with very tight hamstrings. Tight hamstrings limit our ability to... more

Practice Channel Cyndi Lee

Sun Salutations with Cyndi Lee

In this class Cyndi explores Sun Salutations, or Surya Namaskar, one of the most ubiquituous... more

Practice Channel Douglass Stewart

Vital Force

This slow flow practice is designed to highlight how conscious breathing can transform mind... more

Practice Channel Cyndi Lee

Start with the Earth Part 1

Have just a little time for practice? This short and sweet 15 minute practice gives you a... more

Practice Channel Marlysa Sullivan

Warming Up for Forward Folds

In this Practice Tutorial, Marlysa covers the basic actions needed to prepare the body for... more

Practice Channel Marlysa Sullivan

Sequencing for Forward Folds

This class is focused on helping you to work on safely moving into more complex forward folds.... more

Practice Channel Puy Navarro

Yoga is for Everyone

This is a well-rounded class designed for everyone, a “come as you are party.” If you... more

Practice Channel Claudine Beeson

Everyday Gentle Flow

Ease into your day or wind down from a busy one with gentle stretches that will help to open... more