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Practice Channel Level 2 Right Box Anonymous

Practice Channel Kate Heffernan

Getting the Upper Hand on Downward Dog 3

Session 3: Many people struggle with wrist pain or arm alignment in downward dog. In this... more

Practice Channel Puy Navarro

Warrior of the Heart

To be a Warrior means to be authentic in everything we do in life. The Warrior of the Heart... more

Practice Channel Baxter Bell

Yoga for Core Integrity and Balance - Practice 1

One of the keys to healthy aging is to retain core integrity and balance to keep us... more

Practice Channel Jasmine Punzalan

Upper Back and Shoulder Opener

Many of us have postural habits and responsibilities that lead to tightness in our upper body.... more

Practice Channel Cyndi Lee

Start with the Earth Part 3

Sometimes when we start yoga, it may be for simple reasons like stretching our shoulders or... more

Practice Channel Cyndi Lee

The Dance of Balance

Increasing balance is important on many levels. In addition to increasing physical balance, it... more

Practice Channel Baxter Bell

Yoga For Stress Management 3

If you have an anxious response to stress you might sometimes find it a challenge to just sit... more

Practice Channel Rhoda Miriam

Introduction to Chair Yoga

In this brief introduction, Rhoda discusses how to use the chair as a way to practice yoga,... more

Practice Channel Baxter Bell

Tutorial Parsvakonasana

Side-angle pose, or Parsvakonasana,  strengthen legs and open hips, expand and open chest... more

Practice Channel Baxter Bell

YFHA: Upper Body Flexibility Practice

Flexibility is one of the four key life skills for healthy aging. Dr. Baxter Bell has designed... more