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Practice Channel Level 2 Right Box Anonymous

Practice Channel Baxter Bell

Yoga for Stress Management 4

When we face a lot of demands, at work or in our personal life, it can affect our ability to... more

Practice Channel Puy Navarro

Warrior of the Small Things

To be a warrior means to be authentic in everything we do in life. The Warrior of Small Things... more

Practice Channel Claudine Beeson

Slip on a Strap

Grab a yoga strap because this practice is all about releasing into the support of your strap.... more

Practice Channel Kristin Olson

Quieting Evening Flow

End your day with this quieting Level 1/2 class that highlights forward folds. This 60-minute,... more

Practice Channel Kristin Olson

Open the Shoulders and Free Up Tension

Because most of us sit slouched over a computer or steering wheel for much of the day, the... more

Practice Channel Rhoda Miriam

Flexible Spine, Strong Legs Class

This class introduces greater freedom of movement in the spine using Table pose (for... more

Practice Channel Rhoda Miriam

Slow Yoga: Gentle Supine Practice

Not enough energy to hit your yoga mat? No problem! This gentle supine practice is designed to... more

Practice Channel Baxter Bell

Yoga For Stress Management 3

If you have an anxious response to stress you might sometimes find it a challenge to just sit... more

Practice Channel Jasmine Punzalan

Evening Wind Down

Manage aches and pains caused by daily life with this practice geared towards opening the... more

Practice Channel Gabriel Halpern

Yoga for Depression

This practice is perfect for anyone seeking relief from fatigue, apathy, and low motivation.... more