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Practice Channel Jasmine Punzalan

Yoga Practice for Core Strength

Core strength goes beyond getting “six-pack abs.” In this practice, you will strengthen... more

Practice Channel Claire Mark

Exploring Graceful Transitions with Arm Balances

An “advanced” yoga practice is not defined by what you can do, but how you do it. This is a... more

Practice Channel Jasmine Punzalan

Evening Wind Down

Manage aches and pains caused by daily life with this practice geared towards opening the... more

Practice Channel Marlysa Sullivan

Yoga for Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a complex condition that has been shown to have important considerations for... more

Practice Channel Kate ODonnell

Ashtanga Intermediate Series Taster

Looking for a little backbending? This class will introduce the first portion of the... more

Practice Channel Sarah Finger

Kriya Practice for Centering in the Present

Kriya yoga purifies the consciousness, which is the reflection of your spirit. In this class,... more

Practice Channel Jean Koerner

Solar Plexus Chakra - Manipura

In this series we balance the seven segments of the body, as well as the chakras, the energy... more

Practice Channel Kate ODonnell

Primary Short Form

This practice will emphasize the flowing rhythm of Ashtanga, and will touch on each section of... more