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Practice Channel Kristin Olson

Prepare for Inversions: Open the Shoulders

In this 50-minute class, we focus on shoulder strengthening and opening through shoulder work... more

Practice Channel Claudine Beeson

Slip on a Strap

Grab a yoga strap because this practice is all about releasing into the support of your strap.... more

Practice Channel Julie Gudmestad

Activating and Strengthening the Hip Extensors

While we focus a lot on the hip flexors in yoga, we rarely hear about the hip extensors.... more

Practice Channel Sarah Finger

Kriya Practice for Centering in the Present

Kriya yoga purifies the consciousness, which is the reflection of your spirit. In this class,... more

Practice Channel Kate ODonnell

Inverted Finishing Sequence Focus

This practice warms up with Suryanamskara and standing postures, then goes directly to the... more

Practice Channel Sarah Finger

Sweat and Samadhi - Backbends

This class is designed to bring you back to a state of oneness, or Samadhi, through the... more

Practice Channel Kate Heffernan

Slow Flow - Surya Namaskar A

In this 20-minute practice, we work through the basic format of Surya Namaskar, incorporating... more

Practice Channel Baxter Bell

Tutorial Down Dog to High Lunge

Dr. Baxter Bell estimates that only about 50% of those he sees practice this transition in a... more

Practice Channel Kate Heffernan

Getting the Upper Hand on Downward Dog 3

Session 3: Many people struggle with wrist pain or arm alignment in downward dog. In this... more

Practice Channel Marlysa Sullivan

Asana as Meditation: Balancing Effort and Ease

This practice is about the experience of postures as meditation. The Yoga Sutras tell... more