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Practice Channel Chrys Kub

Myofascial Release 3: Releasing Shoulders

This third class in Chrys' series of yoga practices for myofascial release focuses on... more

Practice Channel Kate Heffernan

Strengthen & Stretch: Core - Preparing for Arm Balances

This class features a slow flow practice building to Bakasana, Crow Pose, with an emphasis on... more

Practice Channel Kristin Olson

Deep Twists: An Act of Effort and Surrender

Twists are a powerful tool to detoxify the spine, stimulate healthy organ function, and... more

Practice Channel Chrys Kub

Myofascial Release 1: Awakening Prana

This three-class series utilizes foam-rolling integrated into a yoga sequence to explore how... more

Practice Channel Claire Mark

Release Tight Shoulders, Improve Posture

For most people, the shoulders are a very tight and sometimes painful part of the body. In... more

Practice Channel Claire Mark

Exploring Graceful Transitions with Arm Balances

An “advanced” yoga practice is not defined by what you can do, but how you do it. This is a... more

Practice Channel Kristin Olson

Create Space in the Torso: Side Stretches and Open Twists

This Level 1/2 class invites more length into the side body and more mobility in the mid-upper... more

Practice Channel Kate ODonnell

Ashtanga Yoga: Minimum Daily Requirement

Pattabhi Jois noted that a full practice, up to 90 minutes or more, is sometimes not possible... more

Practice Channel Julie Gudmestad

Beginner's Hamstring Stretch

Many people come to yoga with very tight hamstrings. Tight hamstrings limit our ability to... more

Practice Channel Baxter Bell

Tutorial Down Dog to High Lunge

Dr. Baxter Bell estimates that only about 50% of those he sees practice this transition in a... more

Practice Channel Chrys Kub

Yoga for a Healthy Back: Awareness and Breathing

In this three-part series, we explore the foundations of keeping your back healthy all life... more