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Practice Channel Kristin Olson

For the Love of Core!

This 30-minute core workout uses all true yoga poses to strengthen the core muscles. These... more

Practice Channel Claire Mark

Use the Breath as Your Guide

The breath is one of the most important parts of our yoga practice, but it doesn't always get... more

Practice Channel Marlysa Sullivan

Asana as Meditation: Balancing Effort and Ease

This practice is about the experience of postures as meditation. The Yoga Sutras tell... more

Practice Channel Sarah Finger

Balancing Vata Series: Yoga for Slowing Down

According to the science of Ayurveda, Vata dosha is the biological force of nature that... more

Practice Channel Kristin Olson

Universal Warm Up

This 20-minute class can be used as a brief standalone practice or as a warm-up to prepare for... more

Practice Channel Julie Gudmestad

New Light on Camel Pose - Ustrasana

In this 60-minute class, Julie guides us through a heart-opening sequence that culminates in... more

Practice Channel Sarah Finger

Kapha for Energizing

Feeling lethargic and have low energy? This practice targets Kapha dosha, which according to... more

Practice Channel Natasha Rizopoulos

One-Stop Core Stability Shop: Boat Pose

The one stop shoppig of core stabilization! Embrace this powerful pose to strengthen not... more

Practice Channel Sarah Finger

Kriya Practice for Centering in the Present

Kriya yoga purifies the consciousness, which is the reflection of your spirit. In this class,... more

Practice Channel Kate Heffernan

Getting the Upper Hand on Downward Dog 3

Session 3: Many people struggle with wrist pain or arm alignment in downward dog. In this... more