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Practice Channel Level 2 Right Box Anonymous

Practice Channel Kristin Olson

Create Space in the Torso: Side Stretches and Open Twists

This Level 1/2 class invites more length into the side body and more mobility in the mid-upper... more

Practice Channel Jasmine Punzalan

Beginner's Vinyasa Series 4: Morning Practice

Awaken and energize the body while connecting breath and movement in this well-rounded... more

Practice Channel Kristin Olson

Deep Twists: An Act of Effort and Surrender

Twists are a powerful tool to detoxify the spine, stimulate healthy organ function, and... more

Practice Channel Kristin Olson

For the Love of Core!

This 30-minute core workout uses all true yoga poses to strengthen the core muscles. These... more

Practice Channel Jean Koerner

Solar Plexus Chakra - Manipura

In this series we balance the seven segments of the body, as well as the chakras, the energy... more

Practice Channel Kate Heffernan

Strengthen and Stretch: Rotating the Spine

The same universal alignment principles apply to all twisting postures in yoga. In this class,... more

Practice Channel Kate ODonnell

Ashtanga Intermediate Series Taster

Looking for a little backbending? This class will introduce the first portion of the... more

Practice Channel Chrys Kub

Yoga for Athletes 1

This practice is designed to help athletes refine their movements and address the muscle... more

Practice Channel Chrys Kub

Myofascial Release 2: Awaken Your Core

The second class in Chrys' series on myofascial release focuses on awakening your core. Chrys... more

Practice Channel Natasha Rizopoulos

Supercharge Your Backbends 1: Shoulder Mobility

This three-part class series is designed to develop strength, flexibility and intelligence in... more