Enjoy Your Monthly Practice Series! June, 2018: Open Your Spine, Free Your Breath with Tamara Hickey, Jasmine Punzalan, Kristin Olson, & Jean Koerner

Alignment in Backbends: How to Increase Upper Spine Mobility while Protecting the Low Back with Tamara Hickey

Backbends are essential for counteracting long hours of sitting, but if done incorrectly they can place stress on the spine. Tamara shows how a healthy back bend is one that cultivates an increased mobility in the upper back without compressing the low back. 

Backbending for Every Body - Open Hearted Simple Backbends featuring Jasmine Punzalan

An integral part of yoga, backbends open the chest, increase spinal flexibility and strength,and stimulate digestion, in addition to many other benefits. This simple backbend practice builds towards Ustrasana, or Camel pose through a sequence that will also release tension in the hip flexors.

Improve Posture with Ustrasana featuring Kristin Olson

Many of us spend much of the day in postural habits that cause us to slouch. These longterm habits create chronic tightness and/or weakness in our pectoral and thoracic muscles. Kristin shows you how with Ustrasana and all its prepatory poses, you can wake up and strengthen the mid-upper back while stretching and opening the pectoral muscles. 

Energetics of Heart Opening - A Chakra-Balancing Series with Jean Koerner

 In this class in a chakra-balancing series, Jean focuses on the heart center, our center of love, compassion, kindness, forgiveness and joy.



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